Frequently Asked Questions

When the bot is down, how do I put it back up?

The bot is occasionally down for maintenance or updates, it is rarely down!

How do I view someone else's points?

Guild Moderators+ are allowed to view anyones points for a specific division, you are unable to directly view someones points yourself.

Who are the bot admins?

Bot administrators are based per-server and globally.

What do I do if the bot is not working?

If the bot is not working, please reach out to the bot developer; Coasterteam.

Can I make a suggestion?

Sure, join the Kronos Developer Discord! It is linked on the Homepage!

Where do you host Kronos?

That is a secret! :)

Can I get access to some of the API?

Yes and no, the schedule API is public to some extent. You need to reach out to me asking for access to it

Do you have a Privacy Policy? I don't trust logging in!

Yes, it is new as of Feb 9th! I am proud to say that we collect little to no data on individual users, you are additionally welcome to use a VPN to login.
Visit our privacy policy here.